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New Year Resolutions?

7 January 2020

And here we are, we entered a new decade, year 2020 and as always people talk about new year resolutions. Well, let’s talk about new year resolutions… Are they such a cliché or can we actually recognise them as a window of opportunity? Opportunity to change for better, break from our routine, an opportunity to be courageous? In my opinion DEFINITELY YES!

Having a baby soon?

20 September 2019

As labour and delivery day draws near, it can certainly seem as if the “what ifs” are raging out of control. Experts say that most first-time moms – and many experiences moms, too – can get a major case of the jitters as their due date draws near.

Why I become Bach flower practitioner

14 June 2019

Sometimes you just have to sit in a hard space, sometimes you just have to live in a tension. In fact, I think that’s the only way that you actually get stronger about anything. Maybe I was given the mountain to show other people that it can be moved. The warrior who have walked through hard times...that is how the rest of us know that we can get somewhere.