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Having a baby soon?

Having a baby soon?
20 September 2019

As labour and delivery day draws near, it can certainly seem as if the “what ifs” are raging out of control. Experts say that most first-time moms – and many experiences moms, too – can get a major case of the jitters as their due date draws near.

“ If your first pregnancy was easy, you worry that your second one will be hard; if your fist one was hard, you’re terrified that history will repeat itself. And if you’ve never done this before, well. Your imagination can simply go wild as you begin to imagine every worst-case scenario possible.”
“What if I don’t get to the hospital on time?”
“What if my doctor doesn’t make my delivery?”
“What if the labor pain is more than I can handle?”
“And what if I … poop on the labor table?”

Bach flower remedies can help you on this journey.

Recommended remedies are:
1. Mimulus is for fear from known causes such as birth giving. The potential of Mimulus is the quite courage to face trials and difficulties with humor and confidence. Mimulus helps keep the emotions under the complete control.

2. Aspen can be used for first-time moms for fears and worries of the unknown therefore they may be generally nervy or anxious. Aspen brings inner peace, security and fearlessness. Apprehension is replaced by a desire for new experiences, disregarding difficulties and dangers.

3. Star of Bethlehem is used for mental and physical after-effects of shock. It can be used immediately after birth but it is also excellent for delayed trauma from previous birth giving. Star of Bethlehem is to neutralize, comfort and sooth pains after event.

4. Walnut is the remedy for times of major life changes such as pregnancy. Walnut brings the ability to move forward and to make necessary changes in life.

5. Crab apple will help to accept bodily changes and imperfections during pregnancy. Last stages of pregnancy can create discomfort and sometimes disturb our self-image. In combination with Walnut Crab apple will helps us create positive self-image and feel relaxed about the way we look with all the necessary changes they occur during pregnancy.

Mix your own remedies only for £11.99 or book consultation with Bach flower Practitioner to consult your specific needs.

Bach Flower Essences are 100% natural and can successfully be used by children, adults, pregnant women, teenagers, elderly and even pets and plants. They are completely safe and harmless. There are no side effects, you cannot over dose and they are not addictive.

* The remedies are preserved in organic brandy and are gluten free.

* The percentage of alcohol is negligible so it is completely safe to be taken by children or pregnant women in dilution with water.