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Rescue Remedy

This emergency combination is known by most people now. It was designed by Dr Bach to deal with everyday crises and emergencies when we don’t have time to make a personal selection.

The emergency combination contains five individual flower remedies: Star of Bethlehem for shock, Clematis for faintness, Impatiens for agitation, Rock Rose for terror and Cherry Plum to help maintain self-control.

The Bach Rescue Remedy is a great success in acute, temporary moments of high stress, total panic, emotional pressure and intense fear such as aftershock, an accident, driving test, examination, bad news, visit to the dentist and like.

As the only combination of remedies designed by Dr Bach, it is more popular than any other individual remedy. Rescue remedy is available in a dropper bottle, a spray or in pastilles. Buy here

In case of pregnant women and babies applied topically you can purchase alcohol- free version Buy here.

For a detailed description of remedies, see this link


Take 4 drops directly on the tongue and keep on repeating this procedure every 5 to 10 minutes until most of the anxiety and stress disappear. There is no danger of overdosing.

Rescue remedy